About Archi’s Thai Food in Las Vegas

Green Beans,Bell Peppers,Red Curry Paste, Kaffir Lime Leaves

Pad Prik King Tofu: Green Beans,Bell Peppers,Red Curry Paste, Kaffir Lime Leaves.

Archi’s Thai Food is a Las Vegas Tradition

Welcome to Archi’s Thai that serves your favorite Archi’s dishes – fast.  Archi’s Thai is part of a locally-owned family of Archi’s Thai restaurants that served fresh and 100% authentic Thai dishes to Las Vegas for over a decade. Our menu is based on real family recipes passed down through generations that our founder brought with him from Thailand. At Archi’s Thai, we’ve selected the most popular dishes and made them available to you fresh, fast and easy.

Our original restaurants have been honored with awards over the years, including the Michelin and Zagat guides, as well as Best of Las Vegas and Talk of the Town.  We have many regular customers who trust that every meal is high quality, nutritious, and delicious. They come back again and again to their favorite Archi’s location.